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Who Is BERG Trampolines?

Berg Toys is a Dutch manufacturer of outdoor play equipment, specializing in go-karts, trampolines, and pedal-powered vehicles. The company was founded in 1985 by Henk van den Berg and initially focused on producing trampolines. Over the years, Berg Toys expanded its product range to include a variety of outdoor toys and recreational vehicles for children and adults.

Berg Toys gained recognition for their high-quality products and innovative designs. They are particularly known for their go-karts, which feature sturdy construction, pneumatic tires, and adjustable seating positions. The company emphasizes safety in its designs and incorporates features such as robust frames, braking systems, and safety flags.

Berg Toys’ products are popular worldwide and can be found in numerous retail stores as well as online platforms. Their range of outdoor toys and vehicles aims to encourage physical activity, outdoor play, and imaginative fun for children and families.

Are BERG Trampolines Good?

Yes, Berg trampolines are of very high quality. The company has built a reputation for producing durable and safe trampolines that are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide a fun jumping experience.

Berg Toys takes safety seriously and incorporates several features into their trampoline designs to ensure user safety. For example, their trampolines often have safety enclosures with sturdy netting and padding to prevent users from falling off the trampoline surface. Additionally, the frames of Berg trampolines are typically made from galvanized steel, which offers durability and resistance to rust.

Furthermore, Berg trampolines often feature innovative design elements to enhance the bouncing experience. They may incorporate spring systems or innovative spring-free technologies to provide a responsive and enjoyable jumping surface.

It’s worth noting that like any trampoline, proper usage and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial to ensure a safe experience. Regular maintenance, such as checking for wear and tear and ensuring the trampoline is set up on a suitable surface, is also important.

Overall, Berg trampolines are generally well-regarded for their quality, safety features, and enjoyable jumping experience. However, it’s always a good idea to research specific models, read customer reviews, and consider individual needs before making a purchase decision.

What Size Are BERG Trampolines?

Berg Toys offers trampolines in various sizes to accommodate different spaces and user preferences. The specific sizes available may vary over time as the company may introduce new models or discontinue certain sizes. However, here are some common sizes that Berg trampolines are available in:

  1. Small Sizes: Berg trampolines often come in smaller sizes suitable for younger children or limited outdoor spaces. These can range from around 6 feet (1.8 meters) to 8 feet (2.4 meters) in diameter.
  2. Medium Sizes: Medium-sized Berg trampolines are typically designed to accommodate older children or individuals with slightly larger spaces. They can range from approximately 9 feet (2.7 meters) to 12 feet (3.7 meters) in diameter.
  3. Large Sizes: Berg also offers larger trampolines suitable for families or those with ample outdoor space. These trampolines can range from about 14 feet (4.3 meters) to 17 feet (5.2 meters) or more in diameter.

It’s important to note that these size ranges are approximate and can vary based on specific models and availability. It’s always recommended to check the Berg Toys website or consult with authorized retailers to get the most up-to-date information on available trampoline sizes.

What is the difference between Berg inground and flatground trampolines?

An in-ground trampoline still rises about 30 centimeters above ground level, while a flatground trampoline is completely level.


10 Main Reasons Why Kids in Northern Ireland Love to Bounce on Trampolines

Trampolines have long been a favorite outdoor activity for children around the world, and Northern Ireland is no exception.


1. Fun and Enjoyment:

The primary reason why kids in Northern Ireland love bouncing on trampolines is the sheer joy and fun it brings. The sensation of weightlessness combined with the exhilarating feeling of jumping high into the air is an absolute delight for children. It provides them with an outlet for their boundless energy while engaging in a thrilling and enjoyable activity.

2. Outdoor Recreation:

Northern Ireland offers breathtaking natural landscapes, making outdoor activities highly appealing. Trampolines provide an excellent opportunity for kids to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while engaging in physical exercise. Bouncing on a trampoline allows them to make the most of the outdoor environment, fostering a deep appreciation for nature.

3. Physical Exercise:

Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent form of exercise that promotes physical fitness. It helps children develop balance, coordination, and core strength as they maintain control while bouncing. Regular trampoline use can contribute to overall cardiovascular fitness and the development of strong muscles, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Social Interaction:

Trampolines often serve as a gathering point for children in the neighborhood. Whether it’s a playdate or a spontaneous gathering, bouncing on a trampoline provides a shared experience that fosters social interaction and bonding. Kids can engage in friendly competitions, teach each other new tricks, and create lasting memories while bouncing together.

5. Stress Relief:

Children face various stresses and pressures, and bouncing on a trampoline can be an effective way to alleviate them. The rhythmic bouncing motion and the release of endorphins create a sense of relaxation and joy, helping kids let go of their worries. It serves as an outlet for emotional release and helps improve their overall well-being.

6. Boost in Confidence:

Trampolines offer a safe environment for kids to challenge themselves and conquer their fears. As children learn new tricks and master different jumps, their confidence grows. The sense of accomplishment gained from successfully executing a somersault or a high jump boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to push their boundaries further.

7. Improved Balance and Coordination:

Bouncing on a trampoline requires constant adjustments to maintain balance and coordination. As kids jump, they develop spatial awareness, fine-tune their motor skills, and enhance their proprioception. These skills are crucial for their overall physical development and can positively impact their performance in other sports and activities.

8. Active Playtime Alternative:

In an age where children are increasingly drawn to sedentary activities, trampolines provide a welcome alternative. Instead of spending hours in front of screens, bouncing on a trampoline allows kids to engage in active playtime. It provides a break from technology and encourages them to enjoy the outdoors, fostering a healthier lifestyle.

9. Family Bonding:

Trampolines are not just for kids; they can be enjoyed by the whole family. Jumping on a trampoline together creates an opportunity for parents and siblings to bond while having fun. It promotes laughter, shared experiences, and quality time, strengthening family connections.

10. Development of Motor Skills:

Bouncing on a trampoline engages a wide range of motor skills, including jumping, landing, and controlling body movements. These activities help children refine their motor skills, improving their agility, balance, and flexibility. The improvement of these motor skills can have a positive impact on their overall physical development, coordination, and athleticism.


The love for trampolines among kids in Northern Ireland stems from a combination of fun, outdoor recreation, physical exercise, and numerous other benefits. Bouncing on a trampoline provides an avenue for children to channel their energy, engage in social interaction, build confidence, and enhance their physical and mental well-being.

It serves as an active and enjoyable alternative to sedentary activities, promoting a healthier lifestyle while fostering family bonding and appreciation for the outdoors. So, whether it’s the thrill of defying gravity or the joy of jumping with friends, trampolines have captured the hearts of kids in Northern Ireland, offering them an exciting and beneficial way to have fun and stay active.

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